How nails reveal your health?

Do you want know how healthy are you? Check out your nails. Nails can reveal clues to your health. If you see white dots, dark lines or brittle nails on your fingernails then you must check out your diet. As vitamin deficiency causes this problems.

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Here are few clues you can get when you see below on your nails.

#1 Pale fingernails 

Discolored nails can be major problem which might be a sign of serious problems like.

#2 White Nails

If you see white nails then this might be clue for liver problems such as hepatitis. Below is the image showing white nails.

dermnet photo of white nails


#3 Yellow Nails

This can be seen more in toenails, if you’ve yellow color on your fingernails or toenails then this indicate serious problems such as severe thyroid disease, lung disease, diabetes or psoriasis.

#4 Dark Red Nails

This can lead to an under active liver and blocked arteries. Cornelis suggests replacing refined foods with whole grain rice and bread. Consume fresh vegetables and drink more water.

#5 Horizontal Ridges

Formed because of stress.

#6 Flaky Nails

If you consume more sugar (over consumption) or pharmaceutical drugs then you will have flaky nails.

#7 Vertical ridges

Point to congested liver, kidneys, digestion tract and liver stagnation.

#8 Rippled nails

This can be early sign of psoriasis.

#9 Cracked or split nails

Dry, brittle nails can be linked to Thyroid disease.

#10 Dark lines on fingernails

Should be investigated soon. Sometimes caused by melanoma a dangerous skin cancer.

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