How Malnutrition affects Nail Splitting?

Many of you may know that malnutrition is a condition occurs when sufficient amount of nutrition is not given to your body.

Anyway main reason behind malnutrition are:-

  • Inadequate (unbalanced) diet
  • Digestion problem
  • Certain medical condition

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Starvation can be another reason for malnutrition. In-case if you’re missing single vitamin from your diet then this may cause malnutrition. Which will damage your body permanently. It can be significant in children because lack of food, sufficient food, in-adequate diet etc…

Also Malabsorption, is a state in absorbing nutrients in food. Even this can cause Malnutrition.

So how can Malnutrition affect Nails?

Now that you knew that malnutrition is caused due to vitamin deficiency you must know that nails require vitamins to grow and to be strong.

Then this vitamin deficiency causes nail splitting which is called Onychoschizia. Splitting of nails if done horizontally then it’s nail peeling if done vertically it’s nail splitting.

Nail splitting may seem common but it may cause serious problem in future as your nails become weak and fall often. To make nails strong you must treat nails.

Treating malnutrition

Most easiest way is to replace nutrients which are missing in your diet. This can be through consuming pills or through nutrient rich food. We recommend on your diet, in-case you want to consume pills consult doctor before taking.

toenail peeling

Symptoms of malnutrition

  • Weight loss
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Depression
  • Hypothermia – low body temperature
  • Number of White blood cells falls
  • Longer time for healing wounds
  • Lower sex drive
  • Tiredness, fatigue, or apathy
  • Hair fall




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