5 Hand Care Tips That You Missed

Hands play a vital role while interacting with people around you. Just like face your hands are been watched when you shake hands. Clean and soft hands leave a positive impression while bad and rough hands will leave a negative mark. Anyway it’s not that rough hands will always be negative. It depends upon your behavior too. But good hands add up to impress.

The first move when you meet a new person is, yes! you’re right shaking hands. And sometimes people hold hands for longer time this in-turn increases affection. Ask yourself will you hold any hand which is not clean or unhealthy (yes, unhealthy) for longer time? Am sure many of you will be not ready to hold it even for once.

So here are few important and basic hand care tips which you missed or forget to practice, and through this blog am reminding you.

Vitamins A and B , calcium , Folic acid makes the nails flexible, biotin is needed for their growth, while fatty acids give them smoothness, luster and beauty.

5 Hand Care Tips for your daily life

#1 Wash with care

My mom, Dad and all my relatives used to insist me to wash my hands before eating, after eating and most of the time, when I was a child. They want my hands to be clean.

What happens when I wash my hands?

You may get this doubt, when you wash your hands you stop bacteria, viruses and other nasty things from spreading.

What happens when I don’t wash my hands?

The outer layer of the skin (stratum corneum) is mostly made of dead skin cells surrounded by natural oils. Natural oils make a protective shield that keeps water inside the body and germs and other irritants out. If the outer layer doesn’t have enough natural oils, it won’t retain enough water — and your skin may be dry, rough, red, cracked and itchy.

But make sure you use best detergent to wash, rough soaps may harm your hands.

#2 Apply moisturizing cream

After washing you must apply moisturizing cream, this helps your hands from drying. These creams make your hands smooth and soft. Before choosing the cream make sure you see for these ingredients before buying.

  • Humectants such as glycerin, alpha hydroxy acids and urea actually draw moisture from the air around you into your skin. They don’t work if the air is dry.
  • Emollients get into the spaces between the cells on the outer layer of skin. They replace oils that have been washed away to make the skin smoother. Emollients may be primarily water- or oil-based.
  • Most products will include a preservative — often, several — to keep bacteria from damaging them after you open the container. If your skin is sensitive, some preservatives may irritate it. Trial and error may help you learn which ones work for you.
  • Fragrances also may cause irritation or contact allergy. Avoid them or find ones that you can tolerate.

(Source: Mayoclinic.com)

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#3 Drink more water at-least 2 liters of water everyday

From above 2 tips you might have got that water plays vital role in making your skin healthy and helps from drying out. So make a practice to drink 2 liters of water everyday.

Start morning with a glass of water. Within few days you can see the difference.

#4 Wear gloves to protect from dust

For few this might look awkward as they’re not trained to work or go out with hands. You must know that no one is trained, they start and get habituated like you can.

Wearing gloves will save your hands from dirty and bacteria. While doing house hold work you must use rubber gloves, else you will get in contact with bacteria & virus which will spread to other in your family leading to diseases.

#5 And a Balanced diet is very important

I know these days we eat very less or eat unhygienic food.

For instance if you mix lead with petrol and put into your bike or car what happens? You bike will soon become unhealthy.

Likewise good diet is important. Research has found that a diet that has plenty of vitamin C but goes easy on the fats and carbohydrates may help skin look younger.

Avoid things which makes your skin dry, like smoking, stress and rough soaps etc…



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