8 Hand Care Tips in Summer

Summer is a season which is very hard lead the day in the hot sun. Each season has some good and bad, the same with the summer. It is every hot the day and cool at the evening times. This season is really hard for the hands, legs, face etc. as the UV radiation falls on the skin and with is harm to the skin. In this season to get rid of summer problems we have to follow some remedies. The remedies are:

1. Gloves

hand gloves

Wearing the gloves may eradicate problem to an extent. Wearing the gloves properly will help you. The gloves must be smooth, light colored and must be covered fully. Not only when you go out but also these gloves will be useful even if you garden, cook, drive etc.

2. Sunscreen Lotion

Due to the exposure to sun our hand face and legs are disposed in developing the skin cancer. Additional to this we may get the black spots or the brown spots which is caused due to the UV rays. Get habit of applying sunscreen lotion to the hands and even to other parts which will be exposed to the sun.

3. Moisturizer

This is another solution to have safe hands under the sun. Apply moisturizing lotion to the hands. The Lotions which have water based and easily absorb is good for the day use. Use an oil based cream that soaks easily while we sleep. Apply the lotion from the base of the finger to the complete hand.

4. Hand Massage:

hand care tips in summer

Hand massage helps in the circulation of the blood and makes the muscles relaxed. This helps in relax aches and pains. They are different type of massages like palm massage, finger massage and stimulating massage.

5. Scrubber

When we got out in sun never wash the face with soap or face wash after coming from out. Take a little quantity of cleansing milk rub on the face with the cotton. After cleaning apply small quantity of scrub and massage all over the hands. It helps in removing the dark dots and makes our face relaxed.

6. Liquids

They are many liquids that help our hands in protecting from the sun. Apply olive oil or the coconut oil to hand and massage it for 15-20 minutes. Even we can use cucumber, honey, lemon etc.

7.  Rub the hands with the salt before the bath because it helps from dryness on the skin and smoothen the skin. Later apply the paste of oats flour with the mixture of the milk which helps the skin to brighten.

8. Tomato juice

hand care tips

Take small quantity of the tomato with lemon and milk. Mix these three in equal quantities. Rub this paste on the hands and arms. Leave it for 15 -20 minutes. Then wash with warm water, now you will see the difference with your skin.

Image source: Flickr.com domestikated & chiotsrun


  1. Great tips! I love the tomato, lemon and curd mix – it works like charm. I also do honey+lemon+thick curd which not only protects but also helps the skin shine!


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