Doing Green Tea Pedicures the Right Way

Most popular and traditional way to pamper your feet is through Green tea pedicure. But why only Green tea? Green tea has natural antioxidants which helps in skin cell growth. Which will help in faster healing of skin. It also protects you from harmful UV rays, reduce wrinkles, reduce inflammation etc…

green tea spa pedicure

In one word Green tea is good for over all health.

So, how can you do pedicure with Green tea, what all the steps you need to take?

The procedure is not tough though you need have few products to do green tea pedicure. Else you can also use your own home made things to follow. Anyway both will make your feet smooth. Read on why pedicure is important.

Green tea pedicure in 5 steps

Step #1 (soaking your feet in a natural mineral bath salt)

This is called Green tea body bath, you can get a pre-made product or you can try with any raw form of bath salt and soak your feet in it. It helps to relax your feet.

Step #2 – Exfoliate the dead cells

Here you’re gonna exfoliate dead cells and remove stains on your feet or nails. You can get Exfoliate powder for this or you can use homemade body scrub.

Step #3 – Re-hydrate, apply moisturizer

Now that you’ve cleaned your feet apply moisturizing cream to make your skin smooth which will leave your skin incredibly soft. You can use any petroleum jelly cream.

Step #4 – Give your feet massage

For this step we recommend Green tea massage cream which contains a green tea-scented blend of kaolin and bentonite clays mixed with natural plant extracts. Which help in soothing and relaxing skin. Or you can also use Therapeutic massage oil instead.

Step #5 –  Moisturize and repair cream

You can use Green tea lotion or foot heel cream. This step is essential for seriously cracked feet.

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