Do You Know These Food Are Bad For your Nails?

Just like your skin, your nails are also affected by the bad foods habits. The nails can become dry and brittle without the correct dosage of nutritious picks in your food.

The nails are made from a protein which is known as a keratin. Obviously, the other lifestyle choices also play a vital role. Since smoking cut down on the amount of biotin in the blood and reduces circulation. Generally, Biotin added to nail products, seems to strengthen them. There are some bad foods to consider ignoring if you are concerned about the brittle nails.

Bad foods for Your Nails

Who would have considered that sugar could be bad for your lovely nails? We are not saying that you should not eat sugar but overeating can cause problems. We all know too much of anything can be bad for you. A dermatologist claims that meals that contain sugar are very bad for your nails. How it works? Eating foods that contain sugar causes blood sugar level increase. The body pumps out insulin in order to increase the blood sugar, it also increases androgen level.

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High-Glycemic foods
The Starchy cakes, pastas and white breads trigger a similar response like sugar in the body can lead to ingrown nails. Some study reported that the high-glycemic diets can raise the androgen, while a low-glycemic diet can remove the level of the androgen.

Too little protein
If the individual take very little protein can be a problem, then very much protein can also be an issue. The nails are made of keratin and the individuals who do not take enough protein in their food can experience brittle nails. If you are not a meat eater, you can take the proteins from lentils, spinach, beans, tofu, and legumes. Red peppers, wheat germ and Broccoli contain an amino acid, cystine that creates keratin. All these would be best for you.

High Mercury Fish
Although mercury poisoning is unaccustomed, provided the quantity of the fish some individuals eat, in some parts of the country physician are capturing more cases of mercury raised illness than before. Some individual take sushi 3 or 4 days a week, raising the chances of illness due to the high mercury level ingestion.

Tuna, mackerel and even Swordfish contain high mercury level. The FDA suggests shrimp salmon, or canned light tuna.

Too little Zinc and Iron
There is an errancy that the presence of the white flecks in your nails indicates a calcium deposit. But this is not true. The Digest claims those can be a sign that your diet is lacking both iron and zinc. Both iron and zinc are found in some seafood and red meats – these are important to the formation of the keratin. A shortage of iron and zinc can cause nail problems.

Zinc Deficiency Symptoms

Hence, eating a balanced diet will not only assist you to provide a good physical structure, but also affect your happiness and overall health.

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