Why do my fingernails turn purple?

Having pink nails is a sign of healthy nails. But we don’t find it, as many are not health conscious these days. Reason for your fingernails turning to blue or purple color can be that you experience vitamin deficiency or poor circulation or oxygen deprivation. It’s mostly found in Women.

Causes for purple fingernails

There can be different reasons for nail turning purple or blue. Lets go through one by one.

  • Smoking may be one of the cause to turn nail discolored. Smoking reduces amount of oxygen in blood, so other parts of body when they need oxygen they take it from nails leaving them discolored.
  • If you’ve Anemic (a condition where you don’t have enough RBC in blood) then will have discolored nails. Take iron supplement prescribed by Doctor. Also taking enough Vitamin rich food will treat this.
  • Dark nails sometimes contribute to blood circulatory problems. Which will block or reduce blood to some parts, so when they don’t reach nails they turn to purple color.
  • Anxiety can also sometimes cause purple colored nails.
  • Raynauds phenomenon (where blood gets blocked) can be reason behind it.
  • If nails are purple or yellow from nail bed then it must be fingernail fungus, treat them.

Same goes with toenails, anyway will another post soon on toenails also.

Note: Take vitamin rich food and do regular exercise.


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