Fingernail Fungus Symptoms

The elementary symptom of the fingernail fungus is yellowing of the nails. Though it is hard to recognize infection of the fingernail, once it is identified we can have many treatments that are available. Here are some the symptom and the treatment available to deal with the fungus problem. This fungus is made up of small microorganisms. These fungus first eats off the Keratin, i.e.; a coat that protect on the nail and then it infects the nail.

9 Fingernail Fungus Symptoms

fingernail fungus symptoms1. Discoloration: this is quite common symptom for fingernail fungus. The nail turns into the yellowish, brown or black in color. This fungus starts affecting the tip of the nail and continues to its root nail.

2. Patches: when the fungus affects our nail, it turns into red, brown or black color not knowingly.

3. Thickened nail: when the nail comes thick and it is unable to cut down, this is another symptom for the nail fungus.

4. Dull Nails: If our nails look different like it doesn’t look healthy, lost their shine is also another symptom for the nail fungus.

5. Powder Nails: when we see some yellowish powder under our nails, this is an advance stage of the finger nail fungus.

6. Separate nail: the nails get detached from its root because of the over production of the keratin.

7. Odor:  the affected nails get odor due to the fungus. These fungus grows on moist, humid places, if our nails smells badly it is a symptom for the finger nail fungus.

8. Itching: if we are having itching under our nails it is also a symptom for our nail fungus. It makes us discomfort because we can’t reach to the place where the itching is.

9. We have brittle. Broken nails as it indicates as the symbol of the finger nail fungus.

So it’s very important to take care of your nails, manicure is one of the technique to keep nails free from fungus.

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