Fingernail Fungus Precautions

Precaution is better than cure is the saying that suits for the nail fungus. There are many precautions to cure our nails from fungus. Mainly we have to put our nails free from water, have hygienic food and be away from infections.

Here are some precautions that help to prevent from the fungus:

fingernail fungus precautions

Keep the nail short

Keeping our nails short helps to prevent from fungus storage into our nails. Whenever we have our bath try to keep the hands, feet, toe dry.

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Wear Socks

Wearing synthetic socks helps to keep our nails dry than the cotton socks. Change the socks regularly when it gets sweat and even if you wear the shoes.

Anti-fungal Powder or Spray

When you wear socks or shoe do spray antifungal spray to the feet and the shoes.

Wear Gloves

Wear gloves to hands when we do interior and exterior work, especially when we have to touch mud or while washing the vessels.

Don’t remove the skin

While you trim your nails don’t cut the skin around the nails because excess of germ will cause to skin as well as nails.

Don’t go out without foot wear

Never leave foot wear and go into public places like swimming pools, humid areas etc. these will allow more fungus to cause.

Manicure and pedicure

Having regular manicure and pedicure helps you from gaining the fungus, but make sure about the kit because; in parlor the people use the same kit to different people. By this the fungus will occur very vastly.


Make sure that if you touch any of the infected nail wash them immediately, because the fungus will spread very soon.

Applying the fake nail will also help to increase the nail fungus.

Having less resistant system when we are illness will also cause the nail fungus.

They are some other treatments that are recommended by the doctor’s.

We can use bleach powder which is most effective and is inexpensive treatment.

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