Fingernail Fungus Causes

Fungus is a microscopic organism that doesn’t need sunlight to survive. Some types of fungus have advantageous uses, while other causes sickness and infection. People find amusing looking nails awkwardly; few people can assume that they are caused by fungus.

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fingernail fungus

Statistically 20% of adult people have fungal nails. This percentage has been increased to 30% of adults who are of age 50 and older. In actuality, fungal nails are not caused only by the fungus there are many other reasons why our nails get damaged and look different.

Men are more like to treat nail fungus than women. Age is another factor; in fact, the older we are the more chances are of having nail fungus, especially for those aged above 30 and older. Another factor for fingernail fungus is family history also plays a part in the likelihood of getting the fungus.

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Fungus are also affected when we also put our fingers wet and in dust. They look like plant parasites, and they exist on our body even when we are not distress an infection. Although nail infections can be caused by toadstool, the most common guilty party of fungal nail infections is Dermatophytes.

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Fungus has a tendency to grow in dark, humid areas. When we cover our feet with non-breathable socks and keeping them full into tight shoes all the day creates the perfect situation for fungus to increase. Cursing off shoes and socks and going shoe less all the time also create fingernail fungus.



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