False Nail Glue Rotted Teenager’s Index Finger

A teenage girl bought nail glue from a local store. Like a normal teenage girl these days she want to use this glue to attach fake nails, so that it might add beauty.

After few days she found that glue is not normal, and ran to get antibiotics at this point she removed attached nails. But those antibiotics failed to treat her infection and she had to run for a hour long surgery getting her index finger cut.

To save her hand from spreading infection doctors had to cut the top of index finger.

“It was very frightening – I was crying in pain, it was so scary”, says Miss Greenaway (teenager).

The teenager brought the false nail glue for £3.20 at Boots store in Pontypool, South Wales.

Right now, she is under physiotherapy sessions. Teenager’s mom considering for a legal action on false glue manufacturer.

Anyhow some experts says that it has nothing to do with nail glue the way you apply the glue is important and advised to make your nails dirt and oil free before applying these chemicals.

Leave it away

We at Nailsjournal.com always recommend not to use nail glue or nail polish with chemical ingredients. Why to try false nails when you can have natural ones by following a healthy diet?

Include nutritional foods in your diet, drink more water and you’ll get beautiful nails. And don’t think about attracting people with false beauty, for time being it may work but never human loves artificial things. Because artificial is man made and always has some fault where natural ones are God made which touches our inner heart.

We feel sorry for this teenager, and again we recommend you stay away.



  1. This is really a painful situation.

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