Fake Nails for Nail Biters

Fake nails or artificial nails are covering placed on fingernails. There are plenty of fake nails; most common are silk nails, acrylic nails and gel nails. For longer time gel and acrylic nails are preferred while silk nails are used for a shorter period. Reason for a fake nail can be different depending on occasions. Whatever it may be fake nails makes it look good, but wait! Can they harm your natural nails?

fake nails for nail biters Answer is, YES!

Now coming back, is it a good idea to use fake nails for nail biters?

Well not always, the reason is fake nails comes with lots of chemicals and if you’ve nail biting habit chances of you biting fake nails are more. You need to be very careful if you want to have fake nails on an occasion.

Anyway few people suggest that nail polish with nasty taste can be used for nail biter.

Here are few suggestions for nail biters

  • Get a bunch of chewing gum so that you’ve something to chew rather than nails.
  • Go and grab “Bite No More” from Amazon.
  • Read disadvantages of nail biting. May be this will stop you.
  • Cut your nails to short, long nails may increase temptations to bite it.

We personally recommend not to use fake nails has it has many disadvantages. Stay what you’re.


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