Tips to Treat Dry, Rough Skin on Elbows

dry skin on elbows

Elbows generally look awkward and made of thinker skin to protect the elbow bones. As most the time we use elbows to lean on hard or smooth surfaces leaving our elbows more thicker and harder. Though it’s important to have harder or thicker skin, there’s no need to settle with Elephant like extremities.

Sure you can make dry and rough skin on elbows much softer and better so that you can enjoy good looking hands. Read on to find out how you’ve to change your habits to make your skin smooth and better.

Tips for Softening Dry, Rough and Scaly Elbows

Prior to that you know why elbow skin becomes thicker and harder, main reason is we use elbow more often than any other part to lean. And thicker skin is more susceptible for dryness and moisture loss in low humidity. So in cold or dry months of winter you will see more rough and dry skin on elbows.

#1. Exfoliate. Initially you must make your rough elbow skin softer, for that apply you need to exfoliate the rough area and then apply moisturizer. You can remove dead cells by using natural ingredients. Mix brown sugar and olive oil in a bowl and apply the pasted ingredients to your elbows (source). Discussed here.

#2. Don’t place your elbows on table. Repeatedly you use your hands or elbows or any-other part of your body, it’s exposed to more pressure, to adapt to that pressure your skin turns to hard and thicker. Look at your feet, or ask a person who work with hammer. So, to make elbow skin softer don’t expose it to more pressure.

#3. Keep them clean. As they’re here to protect your elbow bones you must keep them clean. Else you don’t find much difference between elbows and feet.

#4. Avoid skin products with alcohol as ingredient. This makes your skin dry.

#5. In- case you didn’t find solution in above methods then you must consult dermatologist. As they’ve got good prescription and also  laser treatment (source).

Do you’ve dry skin on elbows? So, how do you treat them? Share your views in comments.

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