Cuticle Infection – Treatment, Pictures and Causes

When you cut cuticles willingly or unwillingly this leaves a space which allows bacteria and fungus to enter, they grow with time and lead to serious problem on your nail bed or around nails. This is cuticle infection and it is also called as Paronychia. Cuticle infection causes serious read swollen painful area around nails.

This infection sometimes limited to one finger or toenails and in times it can invade other toenails also. It’s common to get cuticle infection as we don’t spend time to learn or practice those nail care tips advised by experts.

Like we think biting nails or cutting cuticles will not harm our nails. But truth is your nails are sensitive and they need to be pampered along with cuticles. As nails are made of same thing what your hair are made. Pampering hair is fine but why not nails?

What you eat is what it shows, nails are mirrors of your health. You’ve good nails this shows you’re healthy. Anyway here am not going to tell how to keep nails clean etc… I wrote an article for that purpose here.

First of do you know what are cuticles? Cuticles are soft skin surrounding your finger and toenails.

Don’t do it to Cuticles

  • As you know they’re soft, pamper them with your nails.
  • Don’t bite your nails or cuticles.
  • Cuticles covers the part where nails meet your body or hand.
  • Leaving empty space at the spot will leave fungus and bacteria to invade.
  • While pedicure and manicure, don’t use uncleaned tools, carry your own tools if necessary.
  • Keep your fingers in cuticle oil solution and then push them back with a wooden stick, don’t cut them just push them.

Cuticle Infection treatment

As soon as you see fungus or bacteria on nails, wash them with soap and pat dry, then apply moisturizer. As regular manicure and pedicure will reduce chances of bacterial infection.

If problem persists, visit doctor and apply antibiotics cream or oral. Practice this until you see that there is no fungus or bacteria left.

You can also few creams which thousands trust, link this one.

Cuticle infection pictures

cuticle infection swollen red cuticle infection on toenail cutilce infected finger

Stay tuned or more nail care updates.

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