Corns – Causes and Treatment

It is common for people to suffer or get corn. Not only it is painful, it leads to the thickening and localized of the skin, which ends up in being circular in shape or conical. So what is corn, how does it occur, what factors lead to it and how to cure them are the questions that come up and you could get your required answers from this article.

What is Corn?

Basically, a corn is a seed formation or central plug that is caused by the keratin. This keratin is a dead skin cell and it gives the corn the image of being a soft and yellowish ring that is surrounding the skin. However, unlike the calluses which is commonly found and appears on the surface bearing the weight like the soles, palms, etc, corns are found in the non-weighing regions or those surfaces where extra pressure is put up like the joints on the toes.

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How Does One Get A Corn?

The main reason a corn gets developed is due to pressure, but the cause or beginning of the pressure is different for various people. The most reason for formation of the pressure is tight, pointed or ill-fitting shoes. Most commonly corn gets formed or grows on the outward part of the small toe. But there are chances that corn would get formed at another places like hammertoe or bunion. It can even be present in places where rheumatoid arthritis has got to the weak joints

How can Corns Be Treated?

Now one of the easiest treatments for corns is to change or simply decline the pressure. And you can remove the pressure by changing the footwear or go for one which is comfortable. Most of the time, simply by changing the shoe or footwear, the corn will automatically gets healed.

There are many people who get a great amount of relief when they place a donut shaped pad on the corn. Of course, you can get such protective pads and other kinds of protective pads from the drugstore. In case if you are still suffering from the pain, then it is best if you consult a doctor. Most of the doctors are quite experienced in paring down the corn and they would provide a great amount of relief. Suppose the reason for the formation of corn is because of the basic structure of the joints and bone, then a visit to the doctor would help in identifying the problem.

Frankly, nowadays it is common to see a lot of women suffering from corn as their shoes are not comfy and ergonomically friendly. Most of the elderly ladies would develop corn when they reach to the stage of arthritis. If you are constantly suffering from, then it is recommended that you consult with your doctor for further treatment.

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