Toenail Fungus Grabs Limelight From Celebrities

Feeling shy to go out bare foot?

Like many, you may feel extremely uncomfortable to go beach and walk bare foot like your friends. Athlete’s foot and toenail fungus are spoil sports.

Wait! Ask yourself. Are you only the one who got toenail fungus? 1 in 10 people are affected by Athlete’s foot (source) and 14 percent of Americans have toenail fungus. (source)

And celebrities or movie stars are no more immune to toenail fungus than you. Yes, it’s common and like you, most of them don’t dare to wear sandals. But when they wear it grabs all the attention.

(We’re in no way to offend these celebrities, we’re sharing this post just to show that toenail fungus is common and you need not worry.)

Celebrities with toenail fungus

#1 Madonna

madonna celebrities with toenail fungus

Cause: May be trauma on her nail.

In New York, Madonna launched her new fragrance called Truth or Dare and surprisingly she dared to don peep toes with fungus. And all the limelight was grabbed by her toes.

#2 Cristiano Ronaldo

Cause: May be Locker rooms.

This Portuguese footballer is said to be affected with Athlete’s foot (it’s a fungus, read on here). Mostly he might get infected in locker rooms or public places. You can cure Athlete’s foot by using pills and practicing few tips which include pampering your feet, applying moisturizer, wearing flippers in public places and in lockers rooms.

We also recommend you to try natural home remedies to cure Athlete’s foot.

#3 Kate Moss

Cause: Nail salon.

She is a popular model and you know how much they care for their beauty. But humans are made to do faults, Kate Moss paid an uncommon visit to a local nail salon and she regrets the decision now! Sources near to this model says that her right feet toe turned to yellow and she is recommended to give up alcohol for a while to take powerful antibiotics.

#4 John Madden

He is a broadcaster, an athlete and a spokesperson. After endorsing Tinactin (a popular athlete’s foot spray) he got affected with Athlete’s foot. We don’t know the reason behind the ending of his career.

Foot Fungus

You can cure fungus through diagnosis and following treatment prescribed by doctor. Else you can try natural remedies to treat toenail fungus.

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