What Causes Dents In Fingernails?

Dents in the fingernails are normal which is caused by the vitamin B-12 deficiency. Some other causes of dents in the fingernails include illness, trauma to the nail like injury, malnutrition and nail biting. Taking daily vitamins and eating a healthy diet can get reduce the dents in the fingernails.

dents in fingernails

Perfectly strong, smooth, and well-manicured nails add to our entire beauty. But, what if unattractive and unwanted dents destruction this beauty? What Causes Dents in Fingernails? Grooves and Dents on toe nails and fingernails can be caused by various things such as cysts from arthritis, vitamin deficiencies, and stress. It relies on the appearance and exact characteristics of the nail.

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Basically, fingernails and toe nails are hardened skin cells. They contain a protein which is known as a keratin is developed by the living cells in the toes and fingers. Unhealthy fingernails can give a hint to several health problems. The causes may range from the deficiency of the vitamin to health issues such as heart ailments, respiratory problems, etc. There can be small or large dents. The reasons may be trauma to the nail, iron deficiency, and diet. When you see your fingernails, do you see dents or small depressions in your fingernail? Various conditions can cause dents in your fingernails.


A skin problem known as psoriasis causes plaques on skin, which are build-ups of thick, rough and dry skin. These plaques on skin may build anywhere on the body. The main locations include the elbow, scalp, knees and buttocks.

At the same time causing psoriasis can also outcome in the dents in the toenails and fingernails. Psoriasis patients can have signs, which may occur when they are upset or sick, or have little exposure to the sun, severe sunburn or a skin injury.

Taking large amounts of alcohol can also results in the dents in the fingernails. Treatments for psoriasis include tar preparation, steroid cream, anthralin cream, vitamin-D-like cream and salicylic acid cream.

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Incontinentia Pigmenti

Incontinentia pigmenti is an inherited disorder which is caused by the inheritance in the IKBKG gene. According to Genetics Home Reference, The Incontinentia pigmenti problem is uncommon: between 1000 and 1,300 cases have been researched in the literature.

During childhood, Patients with this disorder have hyperpigmentation patches of the skin, then during adulthood the lines of hypopigmentation on their arms and legs. Dents in the fingernails can happen, as well as eye abnormalities and dental.

Alopecia Areata

The condition Alopecia areata is cause dents in the fingernails. Patients with this disorder,dents in finger nails can occur. Alopecia areata Patients can use topical corticosteroids, topical minoxidil, steroid injections, ultraviolet light therapy or topical immunotherapy for their treatment of nails.

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