What are Brittle Nails?

Brittle nails are characterized by fragility, ridges, splits, and abnormal thickening with peeling layers. It is a fairly common condition—occurring in about 20% of the population with about twice the number of women affected as men. Nail potential or hardness is basically on account of the prime proportion of sulfur, which serves to stabilize the […]

Toenail Fungus Home Remedies

If we are suffering from toenail fungus, we possibly do anything to get cure of it. There are some home remedies to rid of toenail fungus that will really help us to get rid of fungus and prevent it from future. You might have tried many treatments and they may be not so effective to […]

Toenail Fungus Precautions

This is the final guide to remove the nail fungus in the way which will be very safe, actual, and permanent. Relevant medicines have to be used at the time fungal infection. Nail fungus becomes growing harder to treat the longer as we are waiting. They are many precautions to cure the Toenail fungus; they […]

Fingernail Fungus Precautions

Precaution is better than cure is the saying that suits for the nail fungus. There are many precautions to cure our nails from fungus. Mainly we have to put our nails free from water, have hygienic food and be away from infections. Here are some precautions that help to prevent from the fungus: Keep the […]

Fingernail Fungus Cure

Fingernail fungus will sometimes bothersome to get free without synthetic medications. On the other hand, if we create natural treatment very in the early stage and are hard-working about applications of medications, we will likely experience release. Here are few steps to treat fingernail fungus as you would expect. Knowing that the fungus lives in […]

Fingernail Fungus Symptoms

The elementary symptom of the fingernail fungus is yellowing of the nails. Though it is hard to recognize infection of the fingernail, once it is identified we can have many treatments that are available. Here are some the symptom and the treatment available to deal with the fungus problem. This fungus is made up of […]

Toenail fungus pictures

Toenail fungus caused by Dermatophyte, it is a type of fungus. Brittle, one-sided and faded toenails are the source of major reason in lack of self-confidence in many people. This type of fungus can be enormously difficult to treat, as often several forms of fungus can be seen in the infected toenail concurrently. Toenail fungus […]

Fingernail Fungus Pictures and Tips

In this article we’ve added few fingernail fungus pictures with nail fungus prevention tips. Nail Fungal infection is quite common diseases of nails. We have peeling edges with discoloration. We can find this fungus mostly for the toenail. This look very embarrassing and by this we may lose our confidence too. Image source: Flickr.com Fingernail […]