Vicks VapoRub for Toenail Fungus

Nail fungus is caused by fungi called dermatophytes. Causes, symptoms and treatment of toenail fungus are discussed in previous post. Still, if you’re looking out for most effective yet home available medicine then go for Vicks VapoRub. Vicks VapoRub has thyme as ingredient which has potential to cure fungus. For the first time when we heard […]

Finger Joint Pain and Swelling

It’s common that fingers get painful either by a trauma or disease. If finger joint pain is due to an injury then it’s because the injury affected your finger blood vessel, bone, muscle or joint. Yes, it starts with a swell and cause sever pain. In case you hit your finger with an hammer or […]

Diabetes and Nail fungus – What Must Know

Toenail fungus is most common disease to worry about. Though this is seen in most of adults diabetic patients have to worry more. It (fungus) not only grows more in diabetes also tough to heel. Nail fungus also known as Onychomycosis is caused by fungi. A fungi gets invades body through a small cut or […]

Why do Toenails Smell Like Cheese?

Or you can say why do cheeses smell like toenails? Bacteria called Brevibacteria is responsible for the smell both in cheese and toenails. So, if your toenails smelling cheese them probably you’re affected by bacteria. Brevibacteria which are responsible for this bad odor are found in sweat areas, as most of the times our feet or […]

Why do my fingernails turn purple?

Having pink nails is a sign of healthy nails. But we don’t find it, as many are not health conscious these days. Reason for your fingernails turning to blue or purple color can be that you experience vitamin deficiency or poor circulation or oxygen deprivation. It’s mostly found in Women. Causes for purple fingernails There can […]

Nail Bed Fungus Treatment and Causes

Nail bed fungus occurs when you experience nail laceration, mean when your nail plate get separated from nail bed. When nail plate is separated then a gap is formed which makes easy for fungus or bacteria to invade nail bed. Nail Bed Fungus Causes Main cause for nail bed fungus to grow is nail bed […]

Nail Separating from Nail Bed – Onycholysis

Medically nail separation is known as Onycholysis. Nail plate gets detached from nail bed, but it’s not painful. Once the space is provided underneath the nail chances of infection doubles. If you see yellow color on nails then it’s a bacterial infection and while color is a yeast infection. So to avoid these infections you […]

Nail Bed Injury Causes, Treatment and Pictures

Before going in detail about nail bed injuries lets initially start with what is nail bed, where it is situated and what are it’s functions. Nail bed is located under the nail plate, it consists of blood vessels. Nail bed is responsible for sensing when something is touched. More on nail bed is here. What […]

What is Subungual Hematoma – Causes and Treatment

When you hit your toe to hard surface normally happens while running, blood accumulates underneath nail plate and nail bed causing sever pain and discolored nail. This condition is known as Subungual Hematoma. It is commonly known as runner’s toe, has it is common among runners. No need to worry if you don’t have broken […]

Paronychia causes and treatment

What is Paronychia? Paronychia is a nail disease, which start next to nail (at the spot where nail meet skin). This is caused by fungus. This infection resembles a red, swollen, painful part. If it’s for short period then it is called acute paronychia, if lasted for more than 6 weeks then chronic paronychia. This […]