How to Moisturize Your Cuticles

Before attending a party you choose best things to dress up yourself, from cloths to shoes you need to look good right? And you make your nails or hands look good by cleaning them or applying nail polish (we don’t recommend though) but unfortunately you forget one most important thing. Your cuticles, which are dry […]

How to Push Back Cuticles

Cuticles are the area where your nails meet your skin. The cuticle skin is sensitive and it protects your nail bed from bacterial and fungal infection. So, it’s important to protect your cuticles. Like your skin dries even cuticles dry. And most people to remove these ugly looking dry cuticles they either bite or cut […]

Remedies for Dark Fingers and Toenails

We find ourselves pampering our face more than other parts of our body. But we forget that dark or discolored nails will be spoilsports in a party. So, cleaning and taking care of your nails is as important as cleaning your face. Just imagine how awkward feeling it would be when you shake hands with […]

Dark Toenails – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Dark toenails or black toenails are mainly caused by trauma and fungal or bacterial infection. While running or hitting a foot ball you may mistakenly hit the ground or any hard substance. This causes blood on to accumulates at the top of the nail giving a black or very dark reddish color. Then you may […]

Dangers of Toxic Nail Polish

Manicure and pedicure lovers this article is going to break your heart. Nail polish used in nail salons contains poisonous chemicals which will harm your health. Are you checking your nail polish ingredients? According to a California based scientist the labeling present on the nail polish not always reflect its ingredients. With a team of […]

Why I’ve White Spots on Fingernails?

You might come across a white spot on your fingernails, you tried to remove it by scratching thinking it’s a stain. But one of your colleague suggested that it’s the sign of calcium or zinc deficiency and when you Google you will find one more cause for white spots i.e liver disease. But let’s break […]

How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus

There is abundance of misinformation regarding foot fungus, toenails fungus and athlete’s foot. All of these nail diseases are annoying. But don’t worry you can treat it. Before getting deep into steps to treat foot fungus, let me share few common causes of foot fungus. Causes of Foot Fungus Fungi invades in moist and poorly […]

Fake Nails for Nail Biters

Fake nails or artificial nails are covering placed on fingernails. There are plenty of fake nails; most common are silk nails, acrylic nails and gel nails. For longer time gel and acrylic nails are preferred while silk nails are used for a shorter period. Reason for a fake nail can be different depending on occasions. […]

What is the difference between acrylic and gel nails?

There is not much difference between acrylic and gel nails, both processes use chemicals. This is why we never recommend nail polish as they come with lots of dangerous chemicals. Anyway, to make you know the difference is very important. As soon as you to a nail salon you’ll be asked to select one from […]

How You Can Get Rid of Peeling Fingertips

Skin peeling on fingertips and on other parts of the body is common. Peeling can be through external damage (infection, injury) or internal disease or deficiency. Peeling of skin if persists more than few days you must consult a doctor. Causes of peeling skin on the fingers include Eczema, Kawasaki disease, Psoriasis, vitamin deficiency, dry […]