How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home?

Gel polish is durable for a period of ten days to four weeks. It is a nail lacquer which is set with UV light to harden. Salons that provide gel manicures can also remove the gel nail polish; although, you can remove gel nail polish at home if required. Make sure that repeating this procedure […]

Are Shellac Nail Polishes Good or Bad?

Typical nail paint dries by volatilization. It means your manicure is not cured until three hours after your service. Many manicure waste time for waiting for nail polish to dry. But Shellac Nail Polishes is cured within minutes by UV light. Your fingernails or toenails are entirely dry by the time your manicure is over. […]

What is nail psoriasis?

What is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic skin, non-infectious disease of scaling and inflammation caused by an immune system dysfunction. It affects more than 5 million adults, or greater than 3 percent of the U.S. population. The symptoms of Psoriasis most commonly include the emergence of scaly patches of skin, often inflamed, itchy, and dry. […]

How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac nail polish looks really great on you nail, but after some time you need to get them removed or reapply once again. You have all heard that you could not do remove shellac nail polish yourself, but the fact is that with the knowledge and right materials, removing Shellac nail polish is not so […]

What is Onychatrophia – Causes and Treatment

What is Onychatrophia? When a fully grown nail is atrophied, it loses its shine; loses healthy look, starts to shrink in size, and may eventually falls away. This condition is called Onychatrophia and also known as atrophy. There are number of degrees of onychatrophia condition. An individual can have only one nail that has atrophied. […]

Risk of Using Cheap Nail Polish

Various people have suffered from health conditions because of their cheap nail polish. One of the health problems is allergies. People may experience an allergy somewhere on their body, and they don’t even know that this allergy is due to the toxic chemicals in nail polish. How will you understand, if you have a health […]

Tips to Prevent Ingrown Nails

An ingrown nail is one of the most dolorous foot problems. However, many times ingrown nails are hereditary, ingrown nails caused by erroneous the trimming of the nails. So, nails become more dolorous when they are squeezed by shoes that are very tight and short. Luckily, there are easy tips you may follow to prevent […]

What Causes Dents In Fingernails?

Dents in the fingernails are normal which is caused by the vitamin B-12 deficiency. Some other causes of dents in the fingernails include illness, trauma to the nail like injury, malnutrition and nail biting. Taking daily vitamins and eating a healthy diet can get reduce the dents in the fingernails. Perfectly strong, smooth, and well-manicured […]

Do You Know These Food Are Bad For your Nails?

Just like your skin, your nails are also affected by the bad foods habits. The nails can become dry and brittle without the correct dosage of nutritious picks in your food. The nails are made from a protein which is known as a keratin. Obviously, the other lifestyle choices also play a vital role. Since […]

How To Stop Your Child From Nail Biting?

Onychophagia, the technical term for the common disease of nail biting is prevalent amongst 30% of children aged between 7 to 10 years. However, how does this addictive habit of nail biting start? What causes children to continuously bite their nails? Is there a way to prevent this from turning into a habit at a […]