Baby Finger Pain

Babies are very sensitive likewise are there nails. Either it’s a fingernail or toenail they’re very delicate. You need to take care of them. Often times babies keep their finger and toes in their mouth mostly fingernails. With this often contact with the moist fingernail will be affected by fungi. Which can turn to red, […]

6 Home Remedies to Get rid of Stretch Marks Once and for All [Infographic]

Stretch marks are common and found not only in pregnant women but also in adolescent boys and girls. Those who do work outs or gym can also see stretch marks. This is no more special, even if you loss or gain weight you can see stretch marks over knees, waist and shoulders. Though everyone has […]

What Causes Iron Deficiency?

Thinking why I included Iron deficiency topic here? If you’re following my blog posts then you might have read post on best vitamins for nail growth. As if you want strong nails then you must have good amount of vitamins. When you’ve health body your nails automatically look clean and white. (Nails tells about your health). […]

How nails reveal your health?

Do you want know how healthy are you? Check out your nails. Nails can reveal clues to your health. If you see white dots, dark lines or brittle nails on your fingernails then you must check out your diet. As vitamin deficiency causes this problems. Read on here: What are best vitamins for nail growth Here […]

Tips to Treat Dry, Rough Skin on Elbows

Elbows generally look awkward and made of thinker skin to protect the elbow bones. As most the time we use elbows to lean on hard or smooth surfaces leaving our elbows more thicker and harder. Though it’s important to have harder or thicker skin, there’s no need to settle with Elephant like extremities. Sure you can […]

DIY: 10 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Elbows

Though blog is dedicated to nail care lovers, we want our readers to concentrate on their hands too, as you know hands & nails come in contact with any new person you meet. Dark elbows look bad, and it stops from wearing sleeveless shirts or T-shirts. This is mostly seen in Asian and African people. […]

How to Build Your Muscles – [Infographic]

Muscles play vital role in shaping your body. Without which you can’t expect a well shaped body. So how will you build or grow muscles? Here’s goes a infograhic. source