Corns – Causes and Treatment

It is common for people to suffer or get corn. Not only it is painful, it leads to the thickening and localized of the skin, which ends up in being circular in shape or conical. So what is corn, how does it occur, what factors lead to it and how to cure them are the […]

Koilonychia – Causes and Treatment

Koilonychia is a disease that affects the nails. We all have good nsils and eomen are so passionate about growing nails. If something is going to affect it then it will mentally affect them in all ways. When we take a closer look on the disease it has been founded that we need to be […]

Pincer Nails – Causes and Treatment

Pincer Nail Deformity The Pincer nail is a kind of toenail disorder where transverse over curvature occurs. Here the lateral sides of the nails will start to approach each other. Frankly, this condition is quite worse and painful as the nail bed could compress and even the underlying dermis. This particular condition is even termed […]

Onychauxis – Causes and Treatment

Onychauxis is the medical term for thickening or overgrowth of the nail. This condition can be observed in both the fingers nails and the toes nails. Onychauxis is otherwise called Hypertrophy of the nail. Causes of Onychauxis Onychauxis can occur due to various reasons such as: Diabetic patients are frequently seen to experience the ill […]

Hammertoe – Causes and Treatment

Hammer toes are basic and excruciating disfigurements in the three center toes where they seem to dependably be curved. Reason for hammer toes incorporate shoes that don’t fit legitimately, foot wounds, bunions and rheumatoid joint pain. Having toe joints standing out can make them rub and an individual may walk in an unexpected way, gambling […]

Myxoid Cysts – Causes and Treatment

What is a Myxoid Cyst? These are largely known as digital mucous and scientifically one may call them the pseudo cyst. The pseudo cyst is an unusual and weird kind of growth appearing on the fingers. Apparently, it is the deteriorated tissues that form these cysts. Sometimes, a cyst is just osteoarthritis i.e. just another […]

What is Contact dermatitis – Causes and Treatment

What is Contact dermatitis? Contact dermatitis is a type of an inflammation of the skin that happens when substances contacting your skin cause an allergic reaction or irritation. The resulting itchy rash, red isn’t life-threatening or contagious, but dermatitis may be very uncomfortable. In everyday life Culprits include jewelry, cosmetics, soaps, fragrances or plants like […]

How To Stop Your Child From Nail Biting?

Onychophagia, the technical term for the common disease of nail biting is prevalent amongst 30% of children aged between 7 to 10 years. However, how does this addictive habit of nail biting start? What causes children to continuously bite their nails? Is there a way to prevent this from turning into a habit at a […]

How to make away with ingrown hair on your legs at home

If you suffer from ingrown hair on your lower limbs and want to get rid of it, you should remember that it is harmless from medical point of view but it can cause bleaching, scaring, infection as well as confusion. Women often have ingrown hair on bikini and armpit areas and legs. This skin problem […]

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Hands?

Dry skin is not uncommon; most people experience this at some point of life. Dry skin on hands is caused by excessive bathing, environment or sometimes through genetics. Whatever the cause you can hydrate your skin with regular care. To moisturize the skin, whether skin on hands or on other parts of the body. There […]