Brittle Nails Causes

Women having beautiful, healthy and strong nails make them feel confidence when they meet group of people together. But, having nails damaged are the signs of brittle nails.

They are many causes for the brittle nails like:

  • Having dryness
  • Breakage of the nails
  • Splits or marks on the nails
  • Gaunt in appearance of the nails
  • Curl on the finger tip
  • Change of the color
  • Crumples on the nails

These problems are quite common in the Women than compare to men. These brittle nails are categorized by splitting, peeling chipping and also cause aesthetic problems. Brittle nails causes pain when we do our daily activity. Another reason for the brittle nail is vitamin deficiency.

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The brittle nails are also caused by the stress, imbalanced diet. Taking protein food, fat and vitamin C help in having beautiful nails.To be stress free we can do yoga or meditation that helps mentally and physically.

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Brittle nails also cause disease like:

  • Anemia
  • Deprived circulation
  • Infections
  • Liver problem
  • Thyroid

Hormone problem is also the reason for the brittle cause. The change in color of our nails often indicates the condition of our nail. Many doctors tell us about the disease by looking our fingernails. Yellowing nails and brittleness could be cause mainly due to the vitamin deficiency.

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Moving always in water and in detergent will also cause Brittle nails. The Grade A way in avoiding brittle nails is to make sure that we take proper nutrition with balanced diet. Last but not the least we have to be aware of nail polishes because even due to the chemical our sensitive skin might get damaged.


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