8 Home Remedies for Athlete’s Foot

First of all athlete’s foot is in no way related to athletes. In 1930s it was misnamed by an adverting man.

In most cases athlete’s foot is caused by a fungal infection. Men are mostly affected by this infection when compared to women, and the reason is men wear tight shoes. Fungus loves moisture and dark places. Wearing tight shoes make your feet sweat and if you don’t wash your feet or apply moisturizer, fungus starts infecting. Weak immune system acts favorable to fungus.

Athlete’s foot causes red, itchy and flaky skin on soles of feet and between toes, at times they ooze. This may make nails discolored and thick. If left untreated it will spread to other parts of the body.

If you contracted athlete’s foot, don’t despair you can reduce this fungal infection at home.

Home remedies to treat athlete’s foot

home remedies for athlete's foot

  1. Sprinkle baking soda into shoes so that it absorbs moisture.
  2. Get some corn starch (corn or maize starch is derived from maize) and run it on affected part, this also absorb moisture.
  3. Yogurt contains acidophilus which helps to fight fungus. Either you can apply it on affected part or consume it.
  4. To get rid of bad odor squeeze few drops of lemon in 2 ounces of water and rinse affected part with this solution.
  5. You can also swab garlic on athlete’s foot.
  6. Soak your fungus affected foot in cinnamon solution. Cinnamon is obtained from inner bark of several trees; it has many health benefits which include reducing sugar levels and cholesterol.
  7. Else you can soak you feet in vinegar + water solution (vinegar 1 cup and water 2 quarts).
  8. Soak your feet in 6 tea bags with 1 quart warm water. Tannic acid in tea helps to kill fungus.

Boost your immune system

Fungus attacks when you’ve weak immune system. Consider taking vitamin enriched diet to boost immune system. Fruits, vegetables and red meat are great source of vitamin and proteins.


In severe situation like feet swelling, puss appears in lesion and when a home remedy doesn’t cure athlete’s foot reach out your local doctor.

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  1. Matt Croft says:

    A gross but effective way to cure athletes foot and toenail fungus is to urinate on them. (I’m not making this up.)


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