5 Factors for Beautiful Manicure Tips

Here go 5 most needed factors for a beautiful manicure.

Being Hygiene

Regular washing of hands is important to keep your hands hygiene. But you must also see that you wash underneath the nails. Nails underneath is the most polluted area in whole body as all the chemicals and dirty get settled here. And the reason you know that we use hands for most of works (obviously).

Remove dirty with special nail brush and don’t forget to wash your hands before starting manicure.

Nail Shine

Who don’t want their nails to shine? Rub your nails with lemon and citric fruits. You can also use orange instead. Process to use it is initially cut lemon into two halves. Then take one half rub on your nails, repeat the process 2-3 times.

If you want the nail shine from itself rather than nail polish and other artificial things, then you must concentrate more on your diet. Yes it’s shows what you eat. So you must see that you eat rich amount of vitamins and iron and other resources needed for nail growth.

Deficiency in these things results in weak, brittle and peeling nails. Like zinc deficiency causes white patches on nails. And also causes ridges and peeling.

Malnutrition can also cause your nails to break and peel.

Remember that natural remedies takes time but gives excellent results.


If you’re doing this at home then use wooden spatula to push the cuticles. This should be enough for your nails to look healthy and good. It’s recommended not to cut your cuticles by yourself. You may damage your nails or get infected.

Nail Polish

It’s recommended not to use nail polish as they contain lots of chemicals which will damage our nails. And they block nails from breathing oxygen. This can make them weak. But if you need them badly then you can try chemical free nail polishes.

And sometimes it becomes hard to remove nail polish. This will make your nails weak and look dirty.

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Top coat of Nail polish

Finish your manicure by top coat nail polish.

Also remember that without beautiful hands you can’t expect beautiful manicure. So take care of your hands too! Wash them regularly and apply moisturizer so that they don’t dry.

Stay tuned for more nail care tips.

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