4 Nail Care Tips for Girls – Must read for better nails

Teenage girls (like you) tend to concentrate more on their outer looks. From her clothing, shoes, wearings, color and her looks. But many girls forget that they must be healthy too to look good.

To get shine on your face you need a shine in your heart.

Don’t you agree with me?

Like you become very conscious about clothing, accessories etc… you must take care of your health, diet and many more small things which add up to bring glow to yourself.

Nails are one such things which are left carelessly. Many teenage girls have no knowledge on basic nail care tips. Which is simple to know and remember. Only thing is you don’t pay attention as you think no one will watch your nails.

Do you remember when you meet your friend first thing what you do after greeting? Shaking hands or holding hands.

Girls are more found of holding hands than boys. Just think when someone holds your hand and they see weak, yellow fungus nails, how long will they hold it?

Yes, you don’t have nail fungus but not paying attention will make fungus easy to invade your nails. So here are few basic tips which need few home available things to practice nail care routine.

Nail care tips for girls

#1 Cleaning, washing your nails (Basic nail care tips for girls)

  • Give your nails massage with cotton dipped in freshly squeezed lemon juice regularly, this remedy helps you in getting strong and shiny nails.
  • Dip your nails in warm mustard oil and rubbing the surface will make your nails healthy.
  • To make weak nails strong immerse nails in olive oil for 15-20 minutes.
  • Always wash you hands, to keep it clean after work.
  • Use gloves while going out, and use rubber gloves while cutting vegetables or doing home work.
  • After washing let it dry.
  • Don’t soak your nails in water or liquid for longer time, fungus can invade very easily.

#2 Avoid dyes

It’s better not to use nail polish and other chemicals. You can have attractive nails even without a nail polish. Read on here the deadliest reasons you shouldn’t do nail polish.

Even if you applied, make sure you use less low quality dyes. Excess use of nail polish will make nails loose their natural pink color and shine.

#3 See what you’re eating

Eat Iron rich food, Beet root is rich in Vitamin D and calcium to make nails strong and save from peeling or brittle. Milk, Cheese, yogurt other calcium and Iron food should be taken in abundant.

Drink more water, atleast 2 liters per day. Avoid smoking, Alcohol and process food.

#4 Trim your nails on time

Growing long nails may look attractive but very soon you will see nails become weak and break. Trim your nails regularly, remember that what ever your nails or hands have will get into your stomach. So, if you’ve long nails with dirt then chances of it going in to stomach is more.

Use square shaped nail clipper to cut your nails. And don’t cut to edges, as this will expose your nails to dirt and sunlight causing fungus invasion.

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