10 Tips to Prevent and Repair Dry, Damaged and Brittle Nails

Much time is spent in trimming, buffing and shaping nails. But we think very less about its health.

Taking care of nails never mean trimming and apply nail polish to make it attractive. You must checkout that your nails are strong and don’t brittle and cuticles don’t dry. Dark lines on fingernails are a signal that your nails are not healthy. And nails are mirrors of your health, they tell about your health.

tips for healthy nails


So, to prevent dry and brittle nails follow below tips.

  1. Consider biotin rich foods to get rid of brittle nails and top grow nails. A study carried out in 2007 shows that 65 percent got cured of brittle nails when they consumed biotin for 6 months.
  2. Trim your nails regularly don’t use them as tools. They may break and become weak.
  3. Avoid nail polish. Chemical ingredients in nail polish may affect nail health.
  4. Stay away from manicures and pedicure which involve chemicals.
  5. Clean your nails regularly. Don’t borrow socks or gloves.
  6. After washing or cleaning apply moisturizer. For cuticles apply cuticle moisturizer cream.
  7. Have healthy diet with vitamins and minerals.
  8. Massage your nails; this stimulates blood flow helping them to grow stronger.
  9. Housewives should use rubber gloves while washing dishes.
  10. Try natural moisturizers like Olive oil, almond oil and essential oil to soak nails.

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  1. Great blog! These tips are so informative. I agree with the idea of applying moisturizer or for instance, cuticle moisturizer. It really helps to prevent dryness. Thanks for this!


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